Gmail Integration is Here!


We’ve just rolled out the latest updates to CubeSocial, and the good news if you have been patiently waiting for our Gmail integration… wait no longer. You can now import your contacts from Gmail and go discover where all your Google contacts hang out online.  Just click Import Contacts from your Contacts page and away you go.

Working with more than one organisation?

If you’re an agency or social media consultant we’ve made it easier for you to work with your clients. Simply go to your My Organisations page to create new organisations and manage your existing ones.

Set your communication preferences

We recently added the option to have daily email alerts for social searches and a weekly summary of the activity on your account. All the email options are entirely configurable from the Communication Settings page.

And a bit of housekeeping

We’ve beefed up some of the housekeeping features of CubeSocial and made it easier to delete contacts, users and even organisations too.


CubeSocial – The Movie

Well, maybe the world’s not quite ready for CubeSocial – The Movie just yet. But we have recently completed a short video with Microsoft about CubeSocial and our use of Windows Azure as our technology platform.

CubeSocial and Windows Azure

Thanks to Planky, Sara Allison and the rest of the folks at UBelly for arranging the day, and to Kirsty at Magic Bullet for the expert production skills.

Take a look at the video. It’s just 3 minutes long.

Five Top Tips for Social Media Chicks


Last week I was invited by Creative Barnsley to speak at the Girl Geek South Yorkshire dinner. As you might expect from a geek audience, there was instant feedback on social media!

Here are the tips those lovely ladies (and one brave gentleman) rated top for social media newbies:

#1 Don’t delegate social media to junior members of staff – if you wouldn’t send them to a corporate drinks reception in real life don’t send them to the virtual one.

#2 Find out where your contacts hang out online to determine which platforms to invest in – speak where your clients and prospects want to listen.

#3 Use social media to research clients and prospects. Time can be saved and conversations made more relevant when you already know areas of interest and mutual connections.

#4 Be aware of the dress code – consider how others will view your profiles. If your ideal client was looking for your product/service, would you profiles encourage them to approach you?

#5 Make the most of LinkedIn by providing links to your website, blog, Twitter, etc. and claim your public profile as your own by customising the URL to 

Explaining How Jonathan Ross helped me see the business value of Twitter also generated a flurry of #ggdsoyo tweets (and the birth of new Twitter game #snaptweets @stellamedia @lornableach) and I was asked to share my 5 must-dos to get started with Twitter during and after the evening.  image

Special mention @Cr8tveBarnsley (pictured) for being such a wonderful host, @JoelFryer for “sneaking in unnoticed(ish)!” and @louisewilkie9 who was inspired to open a Twitter account and in turn inspired the title of this blog Smile

Catch CubeSocial Live


If you live ‘oop North’, you’re a girl and a geek, get yourself off to the Digital Media Centre in Barnsley tonight for the 3rd South Yorkshire Girl Geek Dinner.

The after dinner speaker will be CubeSocial CEO Linda Cheung. Linda will be talking about her start-up journey to-date: the good, the bad and the ugly.

If you can’t make that, there’ll be another chance to hear Linda speak at the Profit with Technology Entrepreneur Country event in London on October 26th.

We’ll also be making an appearance at the Hampshire Business Expo on November 3rd – so come along and say hello if you are in the area.

If you are interested in having Linda or Mark speak at your event get in touch. Current speaking topics include real-world tales from a tech start-up, social media for business profit, and building a business in “the cloud”.

Twitter and Facebook Demographics

I found this really great infographic in my RSS feed this week. The data is probably a year out of date (Twitter supposedly now have 200m users, Facebook 800m) but some interesting things here nonetheless.

  • There are more school kids on Facebook, more graduates on Twitter.
  • Facebook users are more likely to follow a brand, but Twitter users are more likely to buy from a brand they follow.
  • There are more women than men on both services.
  • Facebook users are more likely to login everyday, but Twitter users are more likely to post new updates everyday.


Announcing the Forever Free Plan

Since we launched CubeSocial at the end of June, people have been keen to see more than 20 social media matches while making the most of their 30-day free trial.

This got us thinking about how people could discover where their contacts hang out on social media without subscribing to one of our monthly subscription plans…

Introducing the Forever Free plan

We’re excited to announce our Forever Free plan. We’ve automatically moved everyone who signed up for the old 30-day free trial account to this new plan. With CubeSocial Forever Free you get:

  • One user
  • Up to 1,000 contacts
  • One social search
  • Your social media conversations synchronised to CubeSocial every 2 hours

Totally Free. Forever.

You can buy a bundle of social media profile searches at any time, with prices starting from just £0.06 per match.

And of course you can upgrade to the full paid service whenever you like, to open up all the available features and reduce the cost of social media profile searches.

Refer a Friend, Get Social Media Profile Matches

Do you only have a few contacts that you want to find social media profiles for? We’ve got good news for you too! Invite your friends to sign-up to CubeSocial, and each time they do, both you and your friend will receive five social media profile matches. Our way of saying “thanks”.

Just go to Referrals in CubeSocial, and we’ll do the rest.