Announcing the Forever Free Plan

Since we launched CubeSocial at the end of June, people have been keen to see more than 20 social media matches while making the most of their 30-day free trial.

This got us thinking about how people could discover where their contacts hang out on social media without subscribing to one of our monthly subscription plans…

Introducing the Forever Free plan

We’re excited to announce our Forever Free plan. We’ve automatically moved everyone who signed up for the old 30-day free trial account to this new plan. With CubeSocial Forever Free you get:

  • One user
  • Up to 1,000 contacts
  • One social search
  • Your social media conversations synchronised to CubeSocial every 2 hours

Totally Free. Forever.

You can buy a bundle of social media profile searches at any time, with prices starting from just £0.06 per match.

And of course you can upgrade to the full paid service whenever you like, to open up all the available features and reduce the cost of social media profile searches.

Refer a Friend, Get Social Media Profile Matches

Do you only have a few contacts that you want to find social media profiles for? We’ve got good news for you too! Invite your friends to sign-up to CubeSocial, and each time they do, both you and your friend will receive five social media profile matches. Our way of saying “thanks”.

Just go to Referrals in CubeSocial, and we’ll do the rest.

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