Being front of mind when a client needs your services

Major life changes often trigger major purchases…. It could be moving house, getting married, having a child, changing jobs… the list goes on.

If you work in the professions, say financial or legal services, each one could be a prompt for you to get back in touch with a client. Financial review sir? Time to update your will madam?

But how do you know when to get back in touch?

That’s one of the problems we’ve been working on at CubeSocial.

We recently added new “Reconnect” features to CubeSocial – a set of tools that give you reasons to get back in touch with old colleagues and clients. The first two reports we’ve added show people who have recently changed jobs and people who may be thinking of changing jobs.

“People who may be thinking of changing jobs?” I hear you cry. “How do you know that?”

Well, one of the things we’ve noticed is that before people start sending their CV off to agents, they often polish up their LinkedIn profile. We take a look at which of your contacts has been updating their profile recently and present you with a simple report.


This is just the start… moving forward we’ll be adding more features to help you keep in touch.

What do you think so far? Is this helpful in your business?

How to claim your LinkedIn public profile as your own

imageIf Twitter’s the virtual cocktail party and Facebook’s the virtual house party, LinkedIn’s your virtual shop front. If your ideal client were looking to hire someone with your skills, would your profile encourage them to walk through the door?

Make the most of your LinkedIn profile by providing links to your website, blog and Twitter. If your firm doesn’t have a corporate profile, create one and encourage all staff to link to it.

For the highest possible Google ranking, claim your public profile as your own by customising the URL to – it takes seconds, so no excuses!

From the Profile header, click Edit Profile:


Then click Edit next to your Public Profile (last field below):


Finally click Customize your public profile URL and change your URL to something unique (mine’s LindaCheungUK to match with Twitter):



Seconds well spent Smile

CubeSocial on the Road Again

There are two more chances to catch CubeSocial in the real world very soon.

On Tues 8 May CTO Mark Bower will be speaking at the Windows Azure User Group meeting in London. The topic will be building a start-up in the Azure cloud. Tickets are free and you can sign up here.

On Monday 14 May CEO Linda Cheung will be speaking at the Institute of Directors in London. The session is called “Please Leave Your Phones On: How social media is changing business and business etiquette”. Tickets start at £27.50 and are available here.