Can You Help us Take a Snapshot of the Economy?


I know… not a normal question for us to pose on this blog, but we have a reason for asking.

Linda has been invited to take part in a BBC TV debate on Monday and being a social media company, we thought that rather than just present our opinion, we ought to crowdsource ideas from our community.

Do you have a comment / idea / opinion on any of the following?

  • Tax rates
  • Red tape
  • Youth/graduate unemployment
  • Hiring
  • Bank lending
  • What’s holding the economy back?
  • Exporting
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology infrastructure
  • What should be done get things moving?
  • Are things actually better than the media make out… are they at risk of talking us into another recession?

People on the panel will include politicians from all the main parties, business leaders (that’ll be us!), working families and unemployed.

Please let us know your thoughts below. We’ll try to include any relevant points if they come up in the debate.

And one last thing. The show will be recorded on Sunday evening, and broadcast on Monday 19th at 23:05 on BBC1. Follow Linda’s Twitter stream if you’d like live updates over the weekend!

Three things I learned from my radio debut

You never forget your first time

imageEspecially if you’re a control-freak perfectionist and incredibly nervous before it. I’m referring, of course, to my first BBC appearance – with Phil Gayle on BBC Radio Berkshire, although you’d be forgiven for thinking Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight based on my anxiety!

Twenty four hours on, and having listened to the interview via iPlayer, I’m kicking myself about a few moments, but glad of the experience and what I’ve learned from it:

  • If recorded, don’t be afraid to ask if you can give an answer again or remake a point. If live, try to get a list of questions, even if only a rough guide, ahead of the interview
  • Have “three must points” – per Nigel Morgan: three facts or themes that you must get across
  • Don’t be fooled into thinking questions asked off air will be asked when you’re back on

I failed spectacularly on my three must points! (software for professional services firms; converting contacts into clients and conversations into business; social media and social business intelligence)

And with the benefit of hindsight, I now understand that questions asked during records and weather updates were to help Phil think about direction he would take the interview next. It was naïve of me to think he was giving me a chance to practice my answer!

The experience reminded me of learning to drive. While 20mph feels slow to experienced passengers, as the learner it feels like there’s too much to take in and act upon.

Continuing the analogy, Phil was a good instructor – conscious to put me at my ease and explain what was going on in the studio – a perfect gentleman for my first time!

Photo Credit: Jem

[Update: If you decide to listen on iPlayer, the interview starts at around 2:03]