Our new home page is live. What do you think?

After much toil (and a little cursing) our updated home page is live, and we’d love to know what you think.

Connectegrity Home Page

We’ve talked to many professional services firms over the course of the year, and one message has come through loud and clear: For the vast majority of organisations, acquisition of new business is the number one priority. So, taking that feedback on board, we’ve set about building a product to help with that. 

We think the new home page paints a clearer vision of where we are headed as a company… whilst still being a little cryptic about the product details. We’ll reveal more over the coming weeks and months. Meanwhile, we are busy building our team, and a list of prospective Beta users.

If you’d like to join us on our journey you can subscribe to updates by email, subscribe to updates in your RSS Reader, or go to the home page and sign up for the product Beta.

Oh, and if you have access to an iPad, perhaps you could let us know how the home page looks on that device. We don’t have one at Connectegrity Towers just yet (much to Linda’s disdain), but we would like to fix any major layout bugs if there are any.

Leave any comments, good, or bad below.