Can You Help us Take a Snapshot of the Economy?


I know… not a normal question for us to pose on this blog, but we have a reason for asking.

Linda has been invited to take part in a BBC TV debate on Monday and being a social media company, we thought that rather than just present our opinion, we ought to crowdsource ideas from our community.

Do you have a comment / idea / opinion on any of the following?

  • Tax rates
  • Red tape
  • Youth/graduate unemployment
  • Hiring
  • Bank lending
  • What’s holding the economy back?
  • Exporting
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology infrastructure
  • What should be done get things moving?
  • Are things actually better than the media make out… are they at risk of talking us into another recession?

People on the panel will include politicians from all the main parties, business leaders (that’ll be us!), working families and unemployed.

Please let us know your thoughts below. We’ll try to include any relevant points if they come up in the debate.

And one last thing. The show will be recorded on Sunday evening, and broadcast on Monday 19th at 23:05 on BBC1. Follow Linda’s Twitter stream if you’d like live updates over the weekend!