Legal Opportunities #2: Convenience

Will writer stand in shopping mall

Well, this all seems rather apt given, the recent Panorama expose on will writers…

This photo was taken in my local shopping mall a little while back… A company offering wills for £49, complete with a freephone number and a home visit to complete the paperwork. Now as it turns out, the home visit is where Panorama alleges the hard sell happens – and that low initial fee can turn into something very different if you are not wary.

But that’s not the point I want to make here. Instead I want to focus on what these companies are doing right: giving the consumer convenience.

Legal Opportunity #2: Convenience

These days consumers are used to 24-hour telephone banking, 24-hour supermarkets, and the instant gratification of MP3s purchased and downloaded in seconds. Convenience is a time-proven strategy for business success:

  • created a travel business by specifically targeting cash-rich, time-poor people who had left booking their vacation to the last minute
  • Ocado has won legions of raving fans for its home delivery service segmented into handy 1 hour slots
  • And don’t forget how Amazon shook up the book world by delivering almost any title to your door in 24 hours

The Three Strands of Convenience

  • Anywhere: Deliver your services wherever the client finds it most convenient. In their home, in their office, at your office.
  • Anytime: Make your services available when it works for the client. How about offering appointments in the evening or early morning? Could you use your website to provide 24-hours a day service? What about late evening telephone consultations?
  • Anyhow: Can you deliver your service, or parts of it, over the web or via an iPhone app? Could you deliver some of your services through a partner… an account, IFA or HR consultancy for example?

So, which law firms and solicitors are out there breaking the mould and providing convenience to clients already? Let me know in the comments.