Legal Opportunities #1: Speed

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Legal Opportunities #1: Speed

‘It’s almost impossible as a consumer to be able to differentiate one law firm from another. I can’t tell you the number of websites I’ve looked at which describe the firm as “modern with traditional values, forward-thinking with a focus on customer service…” .’ That sort of stock phase was ‘repeated ad infinitum’. ‘If you’re a member of the public it’s almost impossible to choose between firms and that is why they start thinking: “If I can’t tell the difference, I might as well just get the cheapest.”’

Craig Holt –, The Big Bang Report.

How can solicitors stand out from the crowd to build a distinctive and thriving business? In this first post of a series I am going to look at opportunities for law firms to create a distinctive niche for themselves, so that they can compete effectively in the post Legal Services Act market.

Opportunity #1: Speed


Countless of successful businesses have been built on the premise of doing things more quickly than the competition:

  • DHL took international parcel delivery and guaranteed next day delivery
  • Snappy Snaps took photo processing from days to hours
  • Kwik Fit built a brand out of being fastest for tyre changes

The nice thing about all these is that time pressed customers will typically pay a premium for rapid service. If I were a law firm I might be thinking about offering 30-minute wills, 15-minute lunchtime speed appointments, and for businesses, maybe things like contract reviews with guaranteed same-day turnaround.

What do you think?


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