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Spring Daffodils It’s been a little while since our last post. We’ve been heads-down at Connectegrity HQ for the last few weeks and the blog has taken a bit of a back seat. But as Winter has turned to Spring, we are back now with the latest roundup of things that we’ve read and found interesting. Enjoy!

Interesting stuff I came across this week:

Rolling out Social Tools In Law Firms – The first of what promises to be a great series of posts on social computing in legal sector. I really liked Steve’s “tight-loose” approach to emergent collaboration: “There are some things you need to grip tightly… but then leave many areas loose and flexible so people experiment and try things out to see what works for them. You don’t always know how it’s going to be used and you can be pleasantly surprised with how creative people can be.  Very quickly you find that some good practices start to emerge which become the standard way of working”

“Alternative” Pricing in a Billable Hour World – Interesting take on how to quote and manage a fixed price for a piece of work.

Procter & Gamble tries a bring-your-laptop-to-work program – How the NetGen is changing workplace culture: P&G can afford to buy its employees laptops. But it is instead letting several hundred of its workers use their own laptops*.

* Interestingly this article has been edited since I first read it – the original piece also talked about potential culture clashes between Baby Boom and NetGen employees as the NetGen-ers worked flexibly using laptops, wifi and mobile phones from sofas, coffee bars etc.

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