September 28

Top 100 Law Firm Websites In Pictures

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When Craig Holt of Quality Solicitors was recently quoted saying all Law Firm websites were the same, we thought we would put his thesis to the test. We decided to take a look at the websites of the Top 100 UK law firms and see who stood out from the crowd. 

So here they are…

Just looking at the homepages, for me, there is one website that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Can you spot the one I am thinking of? Are there any that you would commend or decry?

I’ll post up my thoughts on the stand-out sites and my reasons tomorrow. Meanwhile leave a comment below…

Update: See our verdict on the top Top Law Firm Websites

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  1. Irwin Mitchell Personal Injury and Access Legal Shoosmiths.
    But really these aren’t the top 100 law firm websites.
    They are the big law firm websites.
    There are plenty of small firms out there with much better
    websites converting prospects to leads to clients better than any of these.
    You have to take in seo, landing page, lead generation and conversion
    before you can judge a website as a top website.
    Not many of the companies listed here will even be tracking their website generated leads.

    I would propose you do the same idea but based on smaller firms/sole practitioners because that’s where the real action is now. They are flexible, fast and try things out.

    Because they have to.

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