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The folks at Wigster are taking a very different tone with their marketing compared to other aspiring brands such as Quality Solicitors and High Street Lawyer. Take this as an example:

Recent Wigster Tweet

Will the public prefer the more traditional, serious, (dull?) marketing approach when choosing legal services, or the cheeky, humorous tone of Wigster and their ilk? What do you think?

Peninsulawyer - October 27, 2010

Personally I think their irreverant, interactive style is likely to be more attractive to consumers and it seems like quite an entertaining account to follow.

At present they only have 51 followers, but I don’t necessarily see that as a negative if they are slowly and steadily building an audience of relevant followers rather than using an agency or software to rack up huge numbers of “junk” followers.

Hopefully the SEO benefits will also edge the rather embarrassing Urban Dictionary definition of “Wigster” which used to be number 2 in Google a bit further down the results page too!

Duncan Souster - November 4, 2010

cheeky & humorous tone for me anytime. Sound like people, people.

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