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Old Rules, New Tools: What to talk about on Social Media

Social Media


When we encourage businesses embrace social media, one of the comments we often hear back is “…but I don’t know what to say”.

The fact of the matter is that building relationships on online is not as scary as it first seems.

For professionals it is about using all your existing relationship building skills from the real-world and transferring them to the virtual world, or as we like to say –  old rules, new tools.

Old rules, new tools

Start in the same way you would when you enter a room full of strangers at a cocktail party – by listening. Get a feel for the room, the mood and tone of the conversation and seek to understand before you leap in.

Then when you are ready to get going follow these 3 simple rules of thumb to avoid coming across as spammy and unwelcome…

Focus on building relationships

About half of what you say should be social and conversational. Just as you would in the real world, show a genuine interest in other people and their concerns and you are already half-way there.

Comment on other people’s posts.  Add value and insight. Showcase your expertise… or just like a real-world party show off your wit and humour!

About a third of what you say should be making others look good

Share information you have found that will be interesting to your followers. Share interesting information from others.

If you are a local lawyer for example, perhaps you could post local business news. Post good news stories about your existing clients. Post good news stories about your key targets too.  If you do this well and keep it on topic, it helps you stand out as an authority and is also another relationship building step with those you mention.

The remainder of what you say should be about you

Doing the other things earns you the permission to do a little bit of self-promotion about your products or services.

Now you know, off you go and enjoy.

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Mark Bower

Co-founder of Basingstoke startup @CubeSocial. Windows Azure developer, some-time blogger, social media geek & northerner down south. Google Profile

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