Thinking Digital – newbie nerves

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Thinking Digital – newbie nerves

By Linda Cheung

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If you’ve not heard of Thinking Digital before, it’s “a conference that brings together the world’s most innovative ideas, technologies and people”.

If you can spare 10 minutes, take a listen to my InspiRadio interview with Dave Thackeray. We talk about the Conference, Connectegrity’s journey so far and why it’s good to be geek!

I’m excited to be making my first visit – thanks to Herb Kim and John Catnach for understanding my start-up budget and for awarding Connectegrity an Accenture sponsored ticket.

Let me know if you’re going too, it would be great to meet up. If not, I’ll tweet when I can to keep you posted – the hashtag to follow is #TDC11

As for newbie nerves… new business cards are at the ready, I’ve chosen my conference options, and completed my profile in the People Library… if it’s not about lack of preparation, it must be the fact I’m visiting Newcastle for the first time 😉

CubeSocial Business Cards

3 Responses

  1. Linda I love, love, love those business cards! So novel, fresh and – like CubeSocial – exciting. Curious why you blocked out your telephone and mobile numbers from the picture, though: Isn’t the whole idea of biz cards to get your deets out as far and wide as poss? I bet that’s the corporation in you! 😀

    Seriously, was great getting together on InspiRadio to talk about the future of Connectegrity, which is clearly CubeSocial. Let it rip – see you tomorrow!

  2. Linda Cheung says:

    Thanks Dave!

    The idea was that recipients could chose based on where
    they like to hang out and speak online – the choice has led to some great

    Blocking out – mainly driven by recruitment, SEO,
    and other spam calls I’ve received, but no doubt my corporate background plays
    a part… you can take the girl out of the City, but…!!

    Until tomorrow 🙂

  3. Linda Cheung says:

    Not sure what’s going on with the formatting… Need to find time to take a look!

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