And the Winners Are…

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And the Winners Are…

imageWhen we launched our Beta program back in April, we promised there would be prizes for those that provided the best feedback (or indeed managed to break our infant version of CubeSocial!).

Well, we haven’t forgotten about that, and so (in no particular order) the winners are:

  • Jon Bloor for taking the time to write a review of CubeSocial within minutes of the Beta sign coming down
  • Jason Comer for being the first really get stuck into the Beta, and call personally with comments and feedback
  • Barbara Payne for providing good feedback in person and online
  • Jon Harman for being the one person that managed to break CubeSocial, giving good feedback via Skype, and understanding what we’re about
  • Craig Killick for writing a blog straight after coming into the office for a-not-very-slick demo, and generally being a great supporter

Each winner will receive 1,500 social media profile credits (worth £50) that can be used to discover the social media profiles of your contacts in CubeSocial.

To all our early testers a sincere thank you for helping make CubeSocial the product it is today.

And if you haven’t had the chance to experience CubeSocial yet, just head over to the sign-up page, register for a free account, then sit back and enjoy!


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