Madwives and the Birthing Shed–A Reminder about Common Sense on Social Media

imageAnother week, another story about social media foot-in-mouth syndrome.

This time a group of Welsh doctors got into trouble for their online banter and use of “offensive” terms. One doctor tweeted about covering the “birthing shed” meaning maternity ward, then went on to say he would prefer to avoid the “madwives” and work on the “cabbage patch” (intensive care).

Every business has its humour and in-jokes, but exposing it to public scrutiny can be a risky thing. As we’ve said before, just apply a little common sense… If you tweet as if your grandmother was reading, you won’t go far wrong.

And if you do feel the need to keep records of the conversations your staff are having online, take a look at how CubeSocial tracks and logs all the conversations your staff have with clients and contacts. A great start on the road to good social media governance.

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