Gmail Integration is Here!

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Gmail Integration is Here!


We’ve just rolled out the latest updates to CubeSocial, and the good news if you have been patiently waiting for our Gmail integration… wait no longer. You can now import your contacts from Gmail and go discover where all your Google contacts hang out online.  Just click Import Contacts from your Contacts page and away you go.

Working with more than one organisation?

If you’re an agency or social media consultant we’ve made it easier for you to work with your clients. Simply go to your My Organisations page to create new organisations and manage your existing ones.

Set your communication preferences

We recently added the option to have daily email alerts for social searches and a weekly summary of the activity on your account. All the email options are entirely configurable from the Communication Settings page.

And a bit of housekeeping

We’ve beefed up some of the housekeeping features of CubeSocial and made it easier to delete contacts, users and even organisations too.



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