Finding new leads on social media

CubeSocial - New Follows PageSocial Media is a great source of leads and prospects for your business. Each new follower you get on Twitter is a potential client, partner or even competitor. If you were a retailer, this is the virtual equivalent of someone walking into your store and browsing around.

The best retailers will greet their prospective customers with a smile and encourage them to have a look around.

How do you greet your virtual window shoppers? If you are like most people, you probably don’t.

We wanted to help fix that in CubeSocial so our latest update includes a new view where you can review the people that have followed you over the last 7 days, easily decide if they are relevant to you, and then engage with them.

CubeSocial - New Follower

With this view, you can easily scan down your list of recent follows, dismiss the ones you aren’t interested in, and follow-up with the ones that could be potential new leads.

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