March 1

CubeSocial has a Shiny New Look



You don’t need to be eagle-eyed to spot that our latest deployment has brought a bright new look to CubeSocial.

CubeSocial as a product has grown organically over time and of late, it had started to look like it was ready for a makeover.  So, we got our decorators overalls out and set about remodelling the site. Here’s what you’ll see next time you log in…


The first thing you’ll notice is the new navigation bar is tucked away neatly at the top of the page.

CubeSocial Navigation Bar

We’ve reduced the height substantially to provide far more room for you to work with your data and reduce the amount of scrolling you need to do. We’d noticed that over 50% of our users now access CubeSocial using widescreen displays, and this layout is particularly suited for them.

Secondly the navigation bar stays right there at the top no matter how much you scroll. This makes it much easier to get to the most important commands in CubeSocial wherever you are in the site.

Page Layout

The next thing you’ll see is that we’ve applied a consistent design across right across the whole site.

CubeSocial Page Layout

Each page is clearly framed with a distinct title bar and the main content area offset against the background to help you focus on what really matters. We’ve also made it easier to spot the key actions you can take on each page. You’ll find them consistently placed on the top-right of each page and called out in green.

With the addition of the consistent styling applied to the sub-navigation on the left of each page, the result is a site that is much to find your way around.

Getting the Most out of Social Media

Finally, we have noticed that our most popular blog posts are consistently the ones where we explain social media in a business context, i.e. we explain not only what to do, but why it’s important for business.

We decided that we should bake that information right into CubeSocial. Many pages now display hints like these at the top of each page. Once you are happy (or if you are a power user) you can dismiss the hints and you won’t see them again.

CubeSocial Hints

We’re really excited about these changes, and we’d love to hear your feedback.  Tweet us or leave a comment below to let us know your thoughts.

About the author 

Mark Bower

Co-founder of Basingstoke startup @CubeSocial. Windows Azure developer, some-time blogger, social media geek & northerner down south. Google Profile

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