How to claim your LinkedIn public profile URL… in 20 seconds

Here’s a really quick LinkedIn hack… something that most people still haven’t done yet.

It only takes 20 seconds…

And it’s great for raising your profile by helping you get the highest possible Google ranking for your name.


Make sure to claim your LinkedIn public profile URL by customising the default URL to – it takes seconds, so no excuses!

Claim Your LinkedIn Public Profile URL

From your own profile page, look up to the top-right and you’ll see the link Edit public profile & URL:

Edit Public Profile Link


Then, again up at the top-right of the screen, click the pencil icon next to your current URL:


Edit LinkedIn Profile URL

Finally edit your public profile URL and change it to something unique and easy to remember. Mine’s LindaCheungUK to match with Twitter.

Hey presto!  You immediately look so much more professional and you have a nice clean URL you can add to business cards and other promotional materials.

Seconds well spent Smile

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