February 20

Startup advice from #CherylsTrust launch



Today was the official launch of Cheryl’s Trust, a partnership with the Prince’s Trust to help vulnerable young people in the North of England.

Having worked with disadvantaged young people, I was touched to hear Cheryl share how her life could have turned out very differently, and how lucky she was to be given the opportunities she had to succeed.

When Cheryl was asked if she had a message for young people going into the music industry today, she offered straight-forward advice:

“You need to know what every area of the music industry involves, who means what you to on your way.

It’s not just you on your own, you have a team that helps you with everything that you need, from management, to labels, to branding.

You need to know what you’re getting involved with.

Be educated on it [the industry] like any job that you would be going into.

It’s not just dancing and singing. It’s a job that involves a lot of people.

You need to know what it is that you’re doing and who it is that you’re working with.”

Those who follow me on social media will know that I’m advising Muebox – a startup that I first met when judging pitches on a SETsquared Entrepreneur’s Programme.

Muebox’s mission is “a better music industry” – founder Dean Bryan is passionate about making the industry accessible so that music artists can turn their passion into a business that works for them.

Listening to Cheryl, I thought “what great advice for the people that Dean wants to help”… then “what great advice for any startup” – hence this post!

If you’re 18-30 with an innovative idea and want help turning it into a successful business, check out the Young Innovators’  programme and #IdeasMeanBusiness – another Prince’s Trust partnership (this time with Innovate UK), which provides support, advice and funding.

And if you’re a growth business who needs help crafting the right offer to target your ideal clients and explode the growth of your company, say hello@cubesocial.com




About the author 

Linda Cheung

Advising innovative companies on marketing and growth strategies. Founder at CubeSocial, Advisor at Oxford Innovation, Board member at Enterprise M3, Mentor at SETsquared.

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