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1 A Net Gen Perspective on Social Media Marketing

A cat and a tiger are pretty similar, one’s just the next model up. Following the same train of thought, I would say social media marketing and traditional marketing have a lot more in common than people sometimes think. A quick look on Twitter shows companies trying to market themselves using techniques that wouldn’t work […]

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3 Ways to Get Your Message Across On Twitter

Unlike the phrases ‘hazardous materials’ or ‘free money’, people often ignore the first word in the phrase ‘social media’… I’m still new to this Twitter ‘thang’, but already I’m surprised at the basic mistakes some companies are making. People new to social media tend to resort to what they know. And often, what they know […]

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Linda Talks Twitter Basics On Marlow FM

By Rewan Tremethick On Monday this week, Linda talked Twitter basics with Christina Bachini on Marlow FM’s Biz Buzz hour. Answering Christina’s questions and those of the listeners, Linda covered the issues of getting started on Twitter, the integrity of the social platform, and how to go about joining conversations, gaining followers and building relationships. […]

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