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PR Agencies: How not to use Social Media

  If you’re a PR agency encouraging your staff to find and win new clients through social media, here’s a cautionary tale about how not to do it. Earlier today I received a tweet “wondering what the best email to drop you a line on?”. It was from someone that I had never tweeted with…
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How to Add a Twitter Header Image

This week Twitter rolled out an update to its web and mobile apps to add Facebook-like profile header images. The header image is a custom background that appears at the top of your profile page, like this one we’ve added for CubeSocial: Once you’ve added a profile image it’s visible on your Twitter page via…
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LinkedIn thinks we’re doing something right

One of our clients showed us how LinkedIn has now started telling them that we have “top profile”. If you’d like us to create you a top profile too, get in touch.