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Three things I learned from my radio debut

You never forget your first time Especially if you’re a control-freak perfectionist and incredibly nervous before it. I’m referring, of course, to my first BBC appearance – with Phil Gayle on BBC Radio Berkshire, although you’d be forgiven for thinking Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight based on my anxiety! Twenty four hours on, and having listened…
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Why Websites Suck

Classic stuff from web usability expert Gerry McGovern… “There is one word to describe great web design: useful” Gerry continues to explain what this actually means: “There are always top tasks. Every website has a “book a flight”—it’s just that many have not discovered it yet. I have been doing this since 1994. The conversation…
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The Wash & Go Test: What I learned from Hugh Dennis about Business

Yes, Hugh Dennis… one half of Punt & Dennis, team captain in Mock the Week and star of Outnumbered. But did you know Hugh Dennis started his career as a brand manager at Unilever? I certainly didn’t, until, as a judge at the CIMA 2010 Awards, I found myself sitting next to Hugh Dennis at…
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