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#Artcups – The Movie

Regular readers will know how much I love the serendipity of social media, and that I have previously explained this phenomenon by referring to Gabriel Nkweti’s amazing #artcups – fearful that mine would suffer any damage, it now has its own artcup armour! The campaign for Gabriel’s work to appear on ceramics continues, but it’s…
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How to receive Twitter Direct Messages from anyone… should you opt in?

Once upon a time, in a social media land far, far, away… you could only send private messages to those who followed you on Twitter. That changed earlier this week, when Twitter announced that you can now receive Direct Messages (DMs) from anyone, even if you don’t follow them.  To receive DMs from anyone, go…
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#AMBAspring – How the conversation can continue after an event

#AMBAspring was the Twitter hashtag for the Association of MBAs’ Spring Refresher at Kent Business School. I was one of four speakers – between us we were to “cover the core modules taught in today’s MBAs… innovation, entrepreneurship, marketing and finance”. There was limited conversation on #AMBAspring before the event, so I arrived prepared for…
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It started with a tweet… #artcups

Ever since a random tweet led to CubeSocial’s first breakthrough, I have encouraged start-ups and professionals to embrace the serendipity of social media. What do I mean by this? Having just translated the Russian headline “Работник лондонского Starbucks стал знаменитостью благодаря рисункам на стаканчиках” into English (London Starbucks employee becomes a celebrity thanks to cup…
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Publishing on LinkedIn – Privilege or Pain?

Back in February, LinkedIn announced that it was opening up access to its publishing platform to all 277 million users. Before then, LinkedIn had only allowed a small group of selected influencers, such as Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Jack Welch, to write and share long-form blog posts. LinkedIn said that the rollout would be…
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CubeSocial and the OpenSSL HeartBleed bug

You have probably heard a lot in the last few days about the so called HeartBleed bug in the OpenSSL routine that is used by many web applications to secure communications. As a CubeSocial user you may be wondering if CubeSocial is impacted by this. The good news is that CubeSocial does not use OpenSSL…
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LinkedIn Company Pages – how to say goodbye to your Products & Services tab

With less than a week to go until LinkedIn “retires” Products & Services, I have followed LinkedIn’s suggestions to copy and save CubeSocial recommendations, and request a copy from LinkedIn. If you’re planning to do the same, you have five days until your Products & Service tab will be removed on 14  April, and until…
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CubeSocial invited to join Accelerate 250

Last week was an interesting one as CubeSocial was invited to join Accelerate 250 – for Britain’s high-potential, fast growth businesses.  As you can see it wasn’t all work, work work!

Entrepreneur Roadshow 2013

There’s another chance to catch our CEO, Linda Cheung, give one of her acclaimed social media talks at next week’s Entrepreneur Roadshow.  Linda will be talking about her start-up journey, how that lead to the launch of CubeSocial, and what inspired her to launch our latest product, HonestyBoxx. The event takes place on Thursday May…
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Say Hello to HonestyBoxx

With all the other launch activities last week – we didn’t get round to making the announcement here – so let’s put that right… As a small business providing services to clients, you’ll no doubt have found people contacting you asking for ten or fifteen minutes of your time to give them your expert advice……
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