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Finding new leads on social media

CubeSocial - New Follows PageSocial Media is a great source of leads and prospects for your business. Each new follower you get on Twitter is a potential client, partner or even competitor. If you were a retailer, this is the virtual equivalent of someone walking into your store and browsing around.

The best retailers will greet their prospective customers with a smile and encourage them to have a look around.

How do you greet your virtual window shoppers? If you are like most people, you probably don’t.

We wanted to help fix that in CubeSocial so our latest update includes a new view where you can review the people that have followed you over the last 7 days, easily decide if they are relevant to you, and then engage with them.

CubeSocial - New Follower

With this view, you can easily scan down your list of recent follows, dismiss the ones you aren’t interested in, and follow-up with the ones that could be potential new leads.

1 CubeSocial Selected as Company to Watch by Index B

The Ones To Watch Report

CubeSocial has been listed as one of “25 companies that reflect the future” in The Ones to Watch report compiled by analyst firm Index B.

The report identifies “The companies that genuinely represent the future of business… a shortlist of companies that either reflect or embody many of the longer-term trends at work in major economies.”

Other companies on the list range from recent start-ups such as PeerIndex, GroupSpaces and CrowdCube to more established businesses such as MindCandy, Evernote and DropBox.

Here at CubeSocial, we are honoured to be listed in such amazing company.

We’re Winners!


We finished 2011 being named as Top 20 Startup of 2011, and we are delighted to announce that we are starting 2012 in the same vein!

Today we can reveal that we have been selected as a regional winner in the Local Business Accelerators competition and will be progressing through to the national finals.

The Local Business Accelerators competition is backed by TV Dragon Deborah Meaden.

Wish us luck in the finals!

CubeSocial selected as a “Top 20 Start-up” of 2011

We are delighted to share the news that CubeSocial has been chosen as a Top 20 Start-up of 2011 by entrepreneur magazine Startups. The list was announced on 20 December and includes leading British start-ups across all sectors.

It’s a fantastic way to end 2011 and we are honoured to be listed alongside some very impressive company. For full details you can check out our press release.

And if for any reason you haven’t yet created your own CubeSocial account, you can find out what you have been missing out on at

ps. Happy New Year to you all!

CubeSocial and Internet Explorer 7

With the start of a new year we have taken the opportunity to review the visitors to and discovered that IE7 now accounts for less than 2% of our audience. With that in mind we have taken the decision to phase out our support for IE7 in the coming year to focus our resources on building the best application we can running on modern standards-based browsers.

If you happen to be both a CubeSocial user, and an IE7 user we recommend you start the year by upgrading:

Video: The ROI of Social Media

Are you still trying to persuade your boss, partners or colleagues about the business value of social media?  This could help…

Here’s a video of CubeSocial CEO Linda Cheung at a recent Ariadne Capital/Entrepreneur Country event on the topic of the ROI of social media.

CubeSocial CEO Linda Cheung on the ROI of Social Media

Linda explains the value we have gained from social media, and also shows case studies of law firms using social media to win business.

The video is well worth a few minutes of your time. To quote a few of the live tweets from the event:

Linda Cheung hits it out of the park. Interesting, insightful, helpful presentation. And not an ad in sight. #ECWorkshop

Excellent coverage & energy from @LindaCheungUK of @cubesocial about the social & economic benefits of adapting to social media. #ECWorkshop

Very clever of @LindaCheungUK to use lawyers as her Twitter case study. If they can benefit, any sector can. #ECWorkshop

Shame no room for questions after talks, sure there would be a heap for @LindaCheungUK ‘s v enjoyable presso #ECworkshop #AVGevents

If you are organising an event and would like to ask Linda to speak, please contact us.

Gmail Integration is Here!


We’ve just rolled out the latest updates to CubeSocial, and the good news if you have been patiently waiting for our Gmail integration… wait no longer. You can now import your contacts from Gmail and go discover where all your Google contacts hang out online.  Just click Import Contacts from your Contacts page and away you go.

Working with more than one organisation?

If you’re an agency or social media consultant we’ve made it easier for you to work with your clients. Simply go to your My Organisations page to create new organisations and manage your existing ones.

Set your communication preferences

We recently added the option to have daily email alerts for social searches and a weekly summary of the activity on your account. All the email options are entirely configurable from the Communication Settings page.

And a bit of housekeeping

We’ve beefed up some of the housekeeping features of CubeSocial and made it easier to delete contacts, users and even organisations too.


CubeSocial – The Movie

Well, maybe the world’s not quite ready for CubeSocial – The Movie just yet. But we have recently completed a short video with Microsoft about CubeSocial and our use of Windows Azure as our technology platform.

CubeSocial and Windows Azure

Thanks to Planky, Sara Allison and the rest of the folks at UBelly for arranging the day, and to Kirsty at Magic Bullet for the expert production skills.

Take a look at the video. It’s just 3 minutes long.