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#EENsocial – startup your social media

#EENsocial workshop Startup Your Social Media – 28th February 2018, BASE Bordon Innovation Centre Delighted to be delivering this Enterprise Europe Network workshop for Oxford Innovation next week 😊 It’s an by-invitation event which has generated lots of queries so here’s a quick roundup. If you send a quick the team can keep you…
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Startup advice from #CherylsTrust launch

Today was the official launch of Cheryl’s Trust, a partnership with the Prince’s Trust to help vulnerable young people in the North of England. Having worked with disadvantaged young people, I was touched to hear Cheryl share how her life could have turned out very differently, and how lucky she was to be given the…
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Facebook fun or sinister scam? Are you innocently sharing your security data?

Use the last three digits of your phone number to see what you need to be happy… We’ve all seen these types of posts on social media and often add to the chain, either by sharing or commenting. When I saw the three words that my friend had shared, I smiled, started to look at…
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Habit is what keeps you going

On Goals vs. Habits

  Raise your hand if 2017 sucked. Come on, I see you at the back there. Get your hand up! Right about now you are probably busy making resolutions or setting your goals for 2018… learn to play a new sport? … Spend more time with the family? … Make more sales? STOP! The Problem…
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Women in the City Power List

Linda Cheung named in City A.M Power List Top 10

We’re delighted to see that CubeSocial and Coupled CEO Linda Cheung has been listed at number 8 in the City A.M. Women in the City Power List.  Congratulations Linda!

Beware of Spam LinkedIn Email

Pause before you click! The image on the left is a screenshot from my phone. At first glance, at the From, the LinkedIn headline and formatting, it looks genuine. However, I always make sure to pause because clicking on a link, and during that pause I was surprised to see the email addressed “Dear LinkedIn…
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Start-up Now – Insights from the 2011 Seedcamp teams

What did you do in 2011? Like hundreds of entrepreneurs around Europe, we spent 2011 building, pitching and growing our own tech start-up: CubeSocial.  Towards the end of the year we decided we’d like to share what we had learned with other aspiring entrepreneurs.  What you see here is the result of that work… a…
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Best of 2011

At this time of year it’s traditional to look back, so we thought we’d share our most popular content from 2011, just in case you missed it Twitter Clinic: A Hashtag Case study – Wow, it seems like there are plenty of people curious to know how Twitter hashtags work.  If that’s you… read on!…
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Why Twitter’s 140 Character Restriction Can Make You a Better Marketer

Even if you aren’t using Twitter for marketing purposes, I think it can still help you become a better marketer. One of its most basic features can help us write better marketing copy, regardless of medium. When I first started on Twitter I struggled with the character limit. In speech we’re used to using superfluous…
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How to Decide If a Twitter Follower is Relevant to You

Twitter is all about engagement. In real life we try to avoid people who are of no interest to us, whether for personal or business reasons. The same applies on Twitter. How do you know whether or not a follower is worth your time? Twitter has a few ways of helping you decide. What Are…
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