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Tapping into the social media treasure chest

If the heading looks familiar… it’s because you’ve seen it before! I was recently interviewed by Lexis®Commercial about the use of social media by law firms, and this heading is from Paul Caddy’s article. Click here to see the full interview – while it focuses on law firms, the themes covered apply to all professional…
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Seedcamp – One Survivor’s Story

What’s that saying… What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Seedcamp is frequently described as “the original and best UK boot camp for start-ups”, and it certainly enforces a strict disciplinary regime. It started last Wednesday afternoon, when London Seedcamp’s Top 20 start-ups met to practice their pitches. The feedback was insightful, helpful… and brutal.…
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Working a Tweet

Financial Management – December 2010 In December, CubeSocial CEO, Linda Cheung was interviewed for Financial Management magazine about the use of social media for business and reveals how social networking can be business networking.

Why I left the City for a start-up in Basingstoke

eFinancialCareers – 15 November 2010 Connectegrity CEO, Linda Cheung describes her journey from a City bank to a North Hampshire start-up.