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Your customers are becoming smarter about your market a lot faster than you are

“Thanks to the internet, your customers are able to talk to each other. They are able to find better information about your product than you are able of willing to give them, much quicker than you are capable of giving them. The conversation will happen with or without you, you’re better off joining in.” Or…
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Office Communicator 14 to become Microsoft Lync?

Interesting gossip from Mary Jo Foley overnight… It would seem that with the Wave 14 release of Office Communications Server and Office Communicator will bring some name and product changes. Mary Jo deduces that Live Meeting and Office Communicator are merging into a new product called Microsoft Lync that will provide a unified IM, VOIP,…
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Email is Dead… erm, well actually, no it’s not

Today the Internet mourns the passing of Google Wave. The latest in a long line of products to be hailed as the email killer. Whatever your problem with email, get over it. Email is here to stay. Here’s why: Email today is a commoditised, free service for most users. To get people to shift from…
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Consumerisation of IT

Sadly I am old enough to remember when you would walk into your average corporate and be wowed by the latest technology. When today’s Net Generation graduates walk into your firm they will probably find that they have more computing power in their home PC than the one on their desk. In some cases they…
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Reflecting on How UK Lawyers are Using Social Media

Just a quick observation from Friday’s conference call How UK Lawyers are Using Social Media. If I remember correctly, there wasn’t a single mention of policies, procedures or rules. Not one. Interesting.

How UK Lawyers Are Using Social Media

If you are a UK lawyer looking to grow your practice through social media then one of the best things you can do is learn from those trailblazers that have gone before you and successfully used social media in their law firms. This article is a transcript of a web conference on the topic of…
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Social Knowledge Management

In their post on tacit knowledge management yesterday, 3 Geeks and a Law blog ask whether 2010 will be the year that Knowledge Management (KM) thrives or dies. In its current state, KM has turned into a mechanism that attempts to capture explicit knowledge in a way that is seamless to the person creating that…
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