CubeSocial logoBasingstoke software start-up CubeSocial has been included on the Thames Valley 250 Watch List. The rankings were announced on July 5th at the 250 launch event, attended by CubeSocial CEO Linda Cheung and CTO Mark Bower.

‘I’m delighted that CubeSocial is being recognised as a ‘company to watch’ by the Thames Valley 250 List,’ says Linda. ‘Being spotted and supported by Thames Valley Innovation & Growth has been invaluable for our start-up, so we’re honoured that they have proposed us for this. We have ambitious plans at CubeSocial, so look forward to living up to this recognition and hopefully receiving many more in the future.’

The list, published by The Business Magazine, features the top 30 companies that ‘have the potential to innovate and grow significantly’.

CubeSocial’s innovative business software allows forward-thinking professionals to win new business through social media. ‘CubeSocial allows professionals to cut through the noise of social media in order to identify new prospects and build profitable business relationships,’ says Linda. Having spoken to a large cross section of professionals, Linda and co-founder Mark Bower found that what businesses really wanted was new ways to winning new business. ‘We asked businesses what their main needs were, and if we could build a software solution to address those needs, what would it be?’

By aggregating social media profiles and providing multi-layered search functionality, CubeSocial enables professionals to gather social business intelligence on potential clients, network more effectively whilst saving time, and identify key areas of interest.

CubeSocial is currently backed by Thames Valley Innovation and Growth, after being ‘spotted’ for its high growth potential, and is a Microsoft BizSpark partner company.

CubeSocial was founded when Linda and Mark left successful careers at Morgan Stanley and Microsoft respectively in order to relocate to Basingstoke. ‘If you had told me two years ago that I would leave my fast paced City career and social life of theatre, galleries and restaurants for a leafy suburb of Basingstoke, I would have laughed out loud,’ says Linda. ‘But from a start-up perspective it made good sense; lower cost of living, in the heart of the UK’s Silicon Valley and with great transport links back to London’.


Notes to editors:

  • Linda is available for interviews in person, or via telephone or Skype. To arrange to speak with Linda, please contact
  • If you are interested in trialling CubeSocial, you can sign up for a free 30 day subscription at: You can also follow us on Twitter or join the debate on our blog.
  • CubeSocial is the trading name of Connectegrity Ltd.

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