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How to claim your LinkedIn public profile URL… in 20 seconds

Here’s a really quick LinkedIn hack… something that most people still haven’t done yet. It only takes 20 seconds… And it’s great for raising your profile by helping you get the highest possible Google ranking for your name. So… Make sure to claim your LinkedIn public profile URL by customising the default URL to […]

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2 Just an observation…

The folks at Wigster are taking a very different tone with their marketing compared to other aspiring brands such as Quality Solicitors and High Street Lawyer. Take this as an example: Will the public prefer the more traditional, serious, (dull?) marketing approach when choosing legal services, or the cheeky, humorous tone of Wigster and their […]

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1 Law Firm Innovation

Source: People say lawyers aren’t innovative — but we have found some that are really changing the rules of the game… There’s the lawyers using Twitter and LinkedIn to reach out, engage and sell to potential clients The law firms going paperless, ditching PAs and giving clients direct dial access to staff The law […]

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