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Carefully Designed to Turn Strangers Into Followers and Followers Into Buyers
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Why You Need The 2020 Social Media Content Calendar...

Save time and avoid procrastination.

52 Weeks of social media content, all planned out for you.

Build trust, establish authority and promote your services in an ethical and credible way.

Ideal for consultants, coaches, agencies, lawyers, financial advisors, accountants, B2B sales and more.

No pushy sales posts.

No cheesy clichés. 

No 'inspirational quotes' ?

And certainly no dumb 'celebrations'*

*(International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day anyone? ? No. Thought not.)

What You Get

52 weeks of social media post ideas, planned out day-by-day 

The ideal mix of content to engage (and not annoy) your audience:

  • 90+ 'Why' post ideas to increase trust
  • 75+ 'What' post ideas to develop your authority
  • 60+ 'How' post ideas to promote your products or services 
  • Plus holidays and important days
Social Media Calendar

Additional guides & training material

  • The only 3 types of social media post you need to create 
  • How to easily and quickly create 12-18 ready-to-go "Golden Nugget" posts
  • How plan and create 9+ "Pleasure & Pain" posts

Internationalized for major markets

Choose from the following versions:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canadian
  • Australian

Why the Social Media Calendar?

You already know that social media should be a great source of leads for you.

But doing it well takes hours. And who has time for that when you have so much other work on your plate?

When we talk to our clients, we hear that the hardest part is coming up with the initial idea for each post. Once that is in place though, it's usually pretty straight forward to create a solid post.

And that's why we created the 2020 Social Media Calendar.

Get instant access to the 2020 Social Media Calendar!

Stop procrastinating. Save yourself the time and stress.

52 Weeks of pre-planned social media post ideas for coaches, consultants, agencies, lawyers, financial advisors, accountants, B2B sales and more.

2020 Social Media Calendar Cover

What our customers are saying:

Kara Ackerman-Williams

Beautifully written, easy to follow, content-rich and actionable! 

I really appreciated the clear, thoughtful rationale behind the different types of post, as well as the wide variety of creative ideas to implement. This is a super valuable resource for any business owner who wants to engage followers online. Looking forward to using it to uplevel in 2020!

Kara Williams-Ackerman  //  

els van de veire

Mark, it is fantastic! 

I first thought the posts would have been premade (eg inspirational quotes etc). Your method is a bit more work but it gives guidance in knowing what to post and ultimately they will have unique and authentic posts. This is a valuable planner for coaches and consultants looking for ideas an inspiration.

Els Van de Veire //  

Who's the Calendar For?

The 2020 Social Media Calendar is specifically designed for coaches, consultants, agencies, B2B sales people and other high-ticket professionals.

All of these professions have something in common – In order to make a sale you need to do these 3 things...

Build trust

Selling high-ticket services requires trust. The buyer needs to feel that they can trust you – and that your values, drivers and motivations are aligned with theirs.

Instead of sharing 'look at me' posts we provide 90+ content ideas that'll help you build trust and an emotional connection with your audience – the first step on the way to making a sale.

Showcase your expertise

The next step on the route to a sale is authority. Your social media prospects need to see you as an expert in your domain. Someone not only with the right experience and skills, but also the capability to explain sometimes complex topics in a way that they can understand.

The 2020 Social Media Calendar includes around 75 original ways to showcase your knowledge, skills and expertise in a variety of ways.

Promote your products or services

Only when you've earned trust and positioned yourself correctly as an expert can you begin to approach the sale.

In the Calendar we give you 60+ content ideas for promotional posts that will demonstrate your products or services AND the way in which you deliver them, without coming across as pushy, desperate or just too darn salesy.

But it's not for everyone

We want you to be comfortable buying the 2020 Social Media Calendar, so let's also be clear about who this content plan is not for.

This is not for anyone who wants to post from (or hide behind) a faceless company account. It's a content plan that is designed for you – posting as yourself – to be able to showcase your values, expertise and services. And at the same time demonstrate empathy with your customers, and position yourself as someone your prospects would love to do business with. 

This is not for anyone who doesn't want to do any work. The Content Calendar is a carefully curated sequence of post ideas. The structure is all there for you. But you still need to write those posts and make them specific to what you do and who you serve. And then commit to posting consistently over time.

This is not a "business opportunity". It's a content plan for people who want to engage their social media audience with high quality, organic social media posts.

In short, this is about creating high quality content for real people. No BS. No 'filler' content. And no spammy nonsense. 

The goal is to create a genuine audience of engaged followers who are a great match for your ideal client.

Want a sneak peak?

OK, here you go then...

Social Media Calendar Sample

On each day you'll find a prompt to inspire your post for the day.  The calendar contains a mix of promotional, authority and trust posts, in just the right combination to engage and entertain (but not annoy) your audience.

  1. 1
    Describe the 1st chapter, module or part of your product here. Try to keep the description concise but interesting. It's better to say something interesting in few words than to try and describe every aspect of something at the risk of boring your reader.
  2. 2
    Think of "teaser" when writing these descriptions. A good description gives a hint about your product. It makes the reader curious, but it leaves a gap - a little mystery - instead of revealing everything.
  3. 3
    You can add as many chapters as you need. Just duplicate the entire columns row to add new chapters/modules and adjust the text accordingly. The list shouldn't feel endlessly long, but don't shy away from presenting a dozen chapters.


Linda and Mark here - we're co-founders of CubeSocial and creators of the 2020 Social Media Calendar.

We founded CubeSocial in 2010, just as social media was bursting into life. We're digital marketers who specialize in working with high-ticket product and service professionals - people like consultants, agencies, coaches, virtual assistants and law firms. 

Over the years we've worked with everyone from solopreneurs to Global 500 consultancy firms and in that time tested and validated precisely what does and doesn't work for these types of business.

The social media calendar is the result of that work. It's specifically designed to engage and nurture followers towards becoming buyers (and to save you hours of work and hassle too!)

Linda & Mark

Join Our Happy Customers

Jared Savage


Well at first I was upset.....I somehow believed it was going to be cookie cutter and all I had to do was cut and paste the posts. The when I realized that each day was built to give me an idea to make it so personal to my company and niche that it made me realize how genius it actually is... Genius!!!


Derek Baron


Well worth the time... This planner is helping me get ready for 2020 and it will give you a ton of ideas too.


The Best Time to Start is Now!

Save time and put and end to procrastination with the 2020 Social Media Calendar.

52 weeks of social media posts all planned out for you.

Get this one thing off your plate in 2020 and start turning strangers into followers and followers into buyers.

And at less than $5 a month, for a whole year of pre-planned social media posts you simply can't go wrong.

Hit the button below to get instant access.

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30-Day, 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you aren't satisfied with the 2020 Social Media Calendar, you can get a full 100% refund on your purchase within 30 days... no questions asked.

Simply contact our support team and they'll make it happen.

We offer this kind of bullet-proof guarantee so that you can feel assured that we aren't out to hurt you. There's enough scammers on the Internet selling nonsense at sky-high prices, and we want to distance ourselves from that as much as we can.

Mark & Linda

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