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The Corporate Escapee's Business Growth Plan 
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Here are just a few things you'll learn in this guide...

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    The Four Stages of the Entrepreneur's Journey
    Assess exactly where you are today and identify the VERY NEXT step to take to move up to the next level.
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    The ONE THING at the heart of the world's most successful businesses
    And how you can use it as the key to building a long-term business that you LOVE. 
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    How to Get Clients to Pursue You, Not the Other Way Around
    The "secret trick" that makes your offer 10x more compelling and positions you as a thought leader.
  • 4
    The Four Step Process to Landing Your Ideal Client
    How you can build a predictable selling system so you don't have feel sleazy when making a sale.

Hi, I'm Linda.  

I'm an entrepreneur, business coach and mentor... and a corporate escapee! I worked as a Chief Operating Officer at Morgan Stanley until 2010 when I quit to co-found the award-winning start-up CubeSocial.

Having benefited from several programmes that spotted CubeSocial for its high-growth potential I'm passionate about business growth and nowadays work with aspiring entrepreneurs who (just like I did) are either planning their own corporate escape or have recently made the leap to entrepreneurship.

In addition to my work with CubeSocial, I work with Oxford Innovation as an Innovation Advisor, mentor high-growth start-ups as a SETsquared Mentor and guest as a Digital Dragon at  Winchester University to support women-led businesses through the Women in Digital Enterprise initiative.
In the picture with  me here is Dean - one of my recent mentees and a fellow employee turned entrepreneur.

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