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As part of CubeSocial’s continuing startup journey we’re now delivering intrapreneurship training into established businesses with 100+ employees.

I want to continue to improve this training to make it the very best it can be, so will you let me know your #1 challenge about how you innovate, support intrapreneurs and encourage entrepreneurial behaviours?

It could be anything. All you have to do is type your questions in the box and click "Get Access".

More and more business leaders want their teams to be more entrepreneurial, innovate better, and think more like startups ? 

It’s fantastic to help shatter startup myths and share how entrepreneurial traits can be learnt... but it’s been a while since I lived and breathed the corporate environment so I’d really appreciate more perspectives on what prevents intrapreneurs from succeeding and what obstacles they may be facing.

As a thank you for your help, I'll send you the "6 Entrepreneur Myths" training that I've been delivering to my corporate clients recently - just include your contact details in your response here.

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What's Your #1 Challenge About How You Innovate, Support Intrepreneurs and Encourage Entrepreneurial Behaviour?

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