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1 Voices and Choices

Guest blog by Colin Cather, Brand Strategist & Founder at Brilliant Mistake Branding If Twitter is a cocktail party, it’s one where the lights are down low. So now, in this hashtagged room, what we say (our ‘content’) and how we say it (our ‘tone’) become the strongest of our brand-signals. And these 140 character […]

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4 Three things I learned from my radio debut

You never forget your first time Especially if you’re a control-freak perfectionist and incredibly nervous before it. I’m referring, of course, to my first BBC appearance – with Phil Gayle on BBC Radio Berkshire, although you’d be forgiven for thinking Jeremy Paxman on Newsnight based on my anxiety! Twenty four hours on, and having listened […]

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Why Websites Suck

Classic stuff from web usability expert Gerry McGovern… “There is one word to describe great web design: useful” Gerry continues to explain what this actually means: “There are always top tasks. Every website has a “book a flight”—it’s just that many have not discovered it yet. I have been doing this since 1994. The conversation […]

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