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What does Knowledge Management mean to your firm?

Knowledge Management for me should be about enabling employees to make better, more informed decisions, more quickly. What that means specifically will depend on how it is applied to your business, but for example could mean things like: Faster response times to client queries Lower skilled/paid staff are able to answer simple client queries freeing […]

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Web Favourites Jan 29 2010

This post is part of a weekly/bi-weekly roundup of things that I read and found interesting. There won’t be a lot of comment from me, but hopefully you will find the links useful. Enjoy! Interesting stuff I came across this week: Tesco Law V Brand Solicitor – “Law firms need to be thinking about the […]

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Office 2010 System Requirements

Minimum CPU and  RAM requirements are unchanged from Office 2007, but the footprint of most Office applications have gotten larger. Most standalone application disk-space requirements have gone up by 0.5 GB and the suites have increased by 1.0 or 1.5 GB. So in short, if your PC can run Office 2007, it will be able […]

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