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Microsoft BPOS Morphs into Office 365

News from Redmond last night was the announcement of Office 365, the replacement for Microsoft BPOS – Microsoft’s cloud hosted productivity suite, which is due to launch early in 2011 complete with new versions and reduced pricing. So, what’s new? Microsoft BPOS First a quick recap of BPOS: It’s based around the Microsoft Office 2007…
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Exchange Online Default Mailbox Size Increased

The default mailbox size for Microsoft Exchange Online has been increased from 5 GB to 25 GB. This 5x increase is free of charge and is automatically implemented for new users. You can increase existing users’ mailboxes to 25 GB if you need as the overall allocation for mailboxes has been increased to (25GB x…
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Web Favourites Jan 10 2010

This is the first of what I hope will be a weekly or bi-weekly roundup of things that I read and found interesting. There won’t be a lot of comment from me, but hopefully you will find the links useful. Enjoy! (The picture here is from NASA’s Terra satellite last week and show the extent…
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