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Voices and Choices

Guest blog by Colin Cather, Brand Strategist & Founder at Brilliant Mistake Branding If Twitter is a cocktail party, it’s one where the lights are down low. So now, in this hashtagged room, what we say (our ‘content’) and how we say it (our ‘tone’) become the strongest of our brand-signals. And these 140 character…
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Law Firm Branding: Can you serve all markets from a single brand?

A thought occurred to me the other day: Assuming the Susskind vision of the future is true, can law firms continue to serve all their clients from a single brand? In most other sectors, companies use brands to target a specific market segment. RBS have the Direct Line, Churchill and Privilige insurance brands. Intercontinental hotel…
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Web Favourites Jan 29 2010

This post is part of a weekly/bi-weekly roundup of things that I read and found interesting. There won’t be a lot of comment from me, but hopefully you will find the links useful. Enjoy! Interesting stuff I came across this week: Tesco Law V Brand Solicitor – “Law firms need to be thinking about the…
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