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#startup your social media

In one of my first interviews about my start-up journey, I mentioned how much I have to thank social media for. After an intense and inspiring day mentoring dotforge start-ups this week, here are my top tips for increasing your profile and serendipity on social media – whether you’re building a start-up or advancing your…
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CubeSocial invited to join Accelerate 250

Last week was an interesting one as CubeSocial was invited to join Accelerate 250 – for Britain’s high-potential, fast growth businesses.  As you can see it wasn’t all work, work work!

CubeSocial in just over 2 minutes

You may have seen us sharing this on social media recently… but on the basis that you can never have too much of a good thing, here’s our shiny new video providing a whistle-stop tour of CubeSocial in just over 2 minutes. Enjoy.

Safely Sharing Access to Your Twitter Account

With all the excitement about our recent redesign, we haven’t had the chance to explain some of the other new features we added to CubeSocial in the latest update. Time to fix that… Let’s say you’re a marketing manager and you want to enable other people in your team to tweet from your company Twitter…
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Changes Coming to CubeSocial this Week

CubeSocial has grown organically since we launched, and of late we’d begun to notice that some of the features weren’t as easy to discover as they once were. With that in mind we set about redesigning CubeSocial’s homepage to make it more useful as the hub of all your social media activity. We’ve added a new…
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Say Hello to the Content Library

As more people in your business start using social media to connect with prospects and clients one of the challenges you’ll face is keeping all of your team on-message and primed with a steady stream of new content to share. Today We’re delighted to announce a major new addition to CubeSocial that’ll solve this problem:…
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CubeSocial has a Shiny New Look

You don’t need to be eagle-eyed to spot that our latest deployment has brought a bright new look to CubeSocial. CubeSocial as a product has grown organically over time and of late, it had started to look like it was ready for a makeover.  So, we got our decorators overalls out and set about remodelling…
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Finding new leads on social media

Social Media is a great source of leads and prospects for your business. Each new follower you get on Twitter is a potential client, partner or even competitor. If you were a retailer, this is the virtual equivalent of someone walking into your store and browsing around. The best retailers will greet their prospective customers…
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Video: The ROI of Social Media

Are you still trying to persuade your boss, partners or colleagues about the business value of social media?  This could help… Here’s a video of CubeSocial CEO Linda Cheung at a recent Ariadne Capital/Entrepreneur Country event on the topic of the ROI of social media. CubeSocial CEO Linda Cheung on the ROI of Social Media…
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Gmail Integration is Here!

We’ve just rolled out the latest updates to CubeSocial, and the good news if you have been patiently waiting for our Gmail integration… wait no longer. You can now import your contacts from Gmail and go discover where all your Google contacts hang out online.  Just click Import Contacts from your Contacts page and away…
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