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Madwives and the Birthing Shed–A Reminder about Common Sense on Social Media

Another week, another story about social media foot-in-mouth syndrome. This time a group of Welsh doctors got into trouble for their online banter and use of “offensive” terms. One doctor tweeted about covering the “birthing shed” meaning maternity ward, then went on to say he would prefer to avoid the “madwives” and work on the…
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“All opinions are my own” – disclaimers, risk warnings and social media

Regular readers will know that I recently co-hosted a twegal (tweeting legals) tweetup. Before following someone new on Twitter, I always read their profile and have noticed that many lawyers include a disclaimer along the lines of “opinions are my own, not those of my firm”… I’ve not, however, noticed a significant difference between the…
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Tweet as if your Grandmother was reading

Following on from yesterday’s post on how not to market your brand on Twitter, I see Chrysler also made a massive goof at the end of last week. Mistakes happen, and one of the things we have noticed is how easy it is to Tweet from the wrong account using most of the social media…
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