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The Facebook Places Opportunity

If you haven’t been paying attention Facebook announced Places* last week (see here for background and explanation). Online checkin has become increasingly popular for NetGen users recently, with Foursquare leading the way. But now that Facebook has added this capability for its half a billion users, the dynamics of this market suddenly change. Research shows…
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Legal Opportunities #3: Go Where Your Clients Are

I have been thinking again again about what Shoosmiths were doing with their marketing effort at our local town fete, and what it had in common with the will writers marketing approach that I blogged about last week.  The key thing for me is that they both went where their clients were. And it got…
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Legal Opportunities #2: Convenience

Well, this all seems rather apt given, the recent Panorama expose on will writers… This photo was taken in my local shopping mall a little while back… A company offering wills for £49, complete with a freephone number and a home visit to complete the paperwork. Now as it turns out, the home visit is…
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