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LinkedIn thinks we’re doing something right

One of our clients showed us how LinkedIn has now started telling them that we have “top profile”. If you’d like us to create you a top profile too, get in touch.

Morgan Stanley’s Green Light for Social Media – Bankers or Bots?

On 25th June, Lauren Boyman, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney (MSSB)’s Head of Social Media sent out these two tweets in quick succession: The “green light” was for Twitter and LinkedIn for MSSB’s 17,000 financial advisors. The “successful pilot” had been a year long, with an initial group of 600 being allowed to use both sites.…
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How to claim your LinkedIn public profile as your own

If Twitter’s the virtual cocktail party and Facebook’s the virtual house party, LinkedIn’s your virtual shop front. If your ideal client were looking to hire someone with your skills, would your profile encourage them to walk through the door? Make the most of your LinkedIn profile by providing links to your website, blog and Twitter.…
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To Google+, or Not To Google+

With Google opening up its Plus social networking service to brands last week, the question we have been considering is whether it’s worth our time actively using the new brand pages. Let me say before going any further though, you should definitely reserve a page in Google+ for your brand. It only takes a couple…
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Discover Where Your Clients Hang Out on Social Media

You want to use social media to market your business… But where and how should you start? Should you spend your time on Twitter, Facebook or something else? And how do you begin to get followers and fans? Starting from an email address, what you’d like to know is: Does my contact have a Facebook…
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