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Seedcamp – One Survivor’s Story

What’s that saying… What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger? Seedcamp is frequently described as “the original and best UK boot camp for start-ups”, and it certainly enforces a strict disciplinary regime. It started last Wednesday afternoon, when London Seedcamp’s Top 20 start-ups met to practice their pitches. The feedback was insightful, helpful… and brutal.…
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Sharing that Top 20 and Friday Feeling

Here at CubeSocial HQ, we’ve been celebrating making London Seedcamp’s Top 20. We’d been itching to share our good news since we were told at the start of the week, so it felt wonderful that as soon as we did, Twitter friends immediately got in touch echoing our excitement:                   Of course we’re…
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CubeSocial Selected for Seedcamp London

CubeSocial is one of 20 tech start-ups selected for Seedcamp London, which takes place next Thursday 11 August. During the event, we get five minutes to showcase our business to a range of entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, lawyers, accountants and other experts, followed by an afternoon of expert mentoring and coaching. Becoming a Seedcamp London finalist…
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