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Best Practice: How to Manage Ownership of Social Media Contacts

As a financial services, legal services or other professional services business planning your social media strategy, you’ll want to think about who owns employees’ social media accounts and all their relationships. In the services world your business is only as good as the people you employ and the skills they have. To showcase your business…
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How and why Lawyers use Twitter

This time last week the Corporate Counsel Forum Europe hastag #ccfe filled my screen. Tim Bratton, General Counsel of the Financial Times, was giving a talk about social media for lawyers and was tweeting live while on stage. Thanks to Twitter I felt like I was there… As the event kicked off it seemed that Tim,…
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Organise Around Your Clients

Customer Service in a Social Media Age If you’re like me, you’ve had more than one bad call centre experience. You know the ones… you have to repeat the same story three times, wait 20 minutes or more, get sent all over the place, and probably still don’t get the answer you need. In the…
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Your customers are becoming smarter about your market a lot faster than you are

“Thanks to the internet, your customers are able to talk to each other. They are able to find better information about your product than you are able of willing to give them, much quicker than you are capable of giving them. The conversation will happen with or without you, you’re better off joining in.” Or…
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Reflecting on How UK Lawyers are Using Social Media

Just a quick observation from Friday’s conference call How UK Lawyers are Using Social Media. If I remember correctly, there wasn’t a single mention of policies, procedures or rules. Not one. Interesting.

How UK Lawyers Are Using Social Media

If you are a UK lawyer looking to grow your practice through social media then one of the best things you can do is learn from those trailblazers that have gone before you and successfully used social media in their law firms. This article is a transcript of a web conference on the topic of…
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Cloud Computing to Top IT Spending in 2010

Gartner has published it’s annual prediction of the Top 10 strategic IT investment areas. They are: Cloud computing Advanced analytics Client computing IT for green Reshaping the data center Social computing Security Flash memory Virtualization Mobile applications Of those, cloud computing, social computing and analytics are core to the Connectegrity vision and strategy for professional…
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