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Morgan Stanley joins the virtual cocktail party… with chaperones

Morgan Stanley’s ears must have been burning! I was talking about their social media use just last week, with an international consultancy that currently trains their consultants to tweet from a library of pre-written messages.  The conversation reminded me of Morgan Stanley’s Green Light for Social Media – Bankers or Bots? because Morgan Stanley were…
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Best Practice: How to Manage Ownership of Social Media Contacts

As a financial services, legal services or other professional services business planning your social media strategy, you’ll want to think about who owns employees’ social media accounts and all their relationships. In the services world your business is only as good as the people you employ and the skills they have. To showcase your business…
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Morgan Stanley’s Green Light for Social Media – Bankers or Bots?

On 25th June, Lauren Boyman, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney (MSSB)’s Head of Social Media sent out these two tweets in quick succession: The “green light” was for Twitter and LinkedIn for MSSB’s 17,000 financial advisors. The “successful pilot” had been a year long, with an initial group of 600 being allowed to use both sites.…
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If You Really Must Have a Social Media Policy

I wrote a few weeks ago four reasons you don’t need a social media policy, but… if you really must do it, if your boss or in house lawyers are insisting… then you could do much worse than follow this example from ABC in Australia: Do not mix the professional and the personal in ways…
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Four Reasons Your Company Doesn’t Need a Social Media Policy

Trust your staff and they’ll behave accordingly In my experience, if you place your trust in people they will generally behave accordingly. As business owners we spend a lot of time and money hiring – searching for the best people we can find, and then putting them in a job with responsibilities. What message does…
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