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Twitter: How to Lose Friends and Alienate People (plus 3 tips for better engagement)

Last week I had an interesting exchange with a digital agency that illustrated perfectly how to do social media wrong… It started when I was followed on Twitter by a local web/digital agency. As usual I said Hi, and we have a brief conversation, exchanging a few tweets. The person behind the avatar seemed like…
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Go Where Your Clients Are

My wife and I took a trip out the local shopping centre the other week and as we parked up we were approached by one of a group of guys providing a hand car wash service. As it happened the car was looking pretty dirty and the design of my wife’s car means that you…
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Madwives and the Birthing Shed–A Reminder about Common Sense on Social Media

Another week, another story about social media foot-in-mouth syndrome. This time a group of Welsh doctors got into trouble for their online banter and use of “offensive” terms. One doctor tweeted about covering the “birthing shed” meaning maternity ward, then went on to say he would prefer to avoid the “madwives” and work on the…
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How and why Lawyers use Twitter

This time last week the Corporate Counsel Forum Europe hastag #ccfe filled my screen. Tim Bratton, General Counsel of the Financial Times, was giving a talk about social media for lawyers and was tweeting live while on stage. Thanks to Twitter I felt like I was there… As the event kicked off it seemed that Tim,…
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Can you buy social media influence?

By Linda Cheung Jillian’s recent guest blog Klout… and how it can be manipulated made me think of the phrase: “Lies, damned lies, and statistics”. As social media use grows, so do measurements of its use. In What makes a credible social media expert? Heather Townsend warns readers to “be very concerned if your social…
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Organise Around Your Clients

Customer Service in a Social Media Age If you’re like me, you’ve had more than one bad call centre experience. You know the ones… you have to repeat the same story three times, wait 20 minutes or more, get sent all over the place, and probably still don’t get the answer you need. In the…
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Reflecting on How UK Lawyers are Using Social Media

Just a quick observation from Friday’s conference call How UK Lawyers are Using Social Media. If I remember correctly, there wasn’t a single mention of policies, procedures or rules. Not one. Interesting.

How UK Lawyers Are Using Social Media

If you are a UK lawyer looking to grow your practice through social media then one of the best things you can do is learn from those trailblazers that have gone before you and successfully used social media in their law firms. This article is a transcript of a web conference on the topic of…
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