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Lex2011tweetup: All the leading tweeting lawyers in a bar. How could it not be fun?

I don’t have a voice this morning and memories are hazy, but this is what I do remember… Matching faces to avatars When I first started work, networking events were about putting faces to the voices that I’d heard on the telephone. Last night was about putting voices to avatars. With social media for lawyers…
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Tweet as if your Grandmother was reading

Following on from yesterday’s post on how not to market your brand on Twitter, I see Chrysler also made a massive goof at the end of last week. Mistakes happen, and one of the things we have noticed is how easy it is to Tweet from the wrong account using most of the social media…
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How not to use Twitter to market your brand

Over the weekend Bing became the latest brand to get stung trying to build a marketing effort around human disaster. Oh Bing, how could you be so naive? What happened next is a wave of anti-Bing blog posts and Tweets, followed 7 hours later (yes, it really took them 7 hours) – an official apology.…
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Twitter Clinic: #FF, DM and RT explained

By Linda Cheung In the last Twitter Clinic I explained what hashtags are and how they can increase the reach of conversations. Some readers then asked me about the “mystifying acronyms” that often litter tweets: #FF, DM and RT were the top three… #FF: Follow Friday Follow Friday is a way to recommend interesting people…
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Leave your phones on – How social media is changing business etiquette

As a software start-up building on the Azure cloud, we’re part of the Microsoft BizSpark community. At their last event, there was live video streaming and Twitter interaction throughout. You didn’t need to be in the room to be part of the event and its conversations. A fitting example of how insights could be shared…
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Twitter Clinic: A hashtag case study

Yesterday, inspired by a new starter at CubeSocial, I shared my 5 must-dos to get started on Twitter. I deliberated about whether or not to include hashtags (so called because they start with the # symbol) so wasn’t surprised when @lexi_pop highlighted how “hashtags had me stumped for a long time… I didn’t understand how…
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Twitter Clinic: 5 must-dos to get started with Twitter

So you’ve been encouraged onto Twitter, signed up and created an account. Now what? If you are brand new to social media, it can all seem a bit daunting, so here’s our top tips to get started… Upload a picture – There’s mixed opinion about whether business accounts should post a company logo or a…
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Web Favourites Jun 3 2010

This post is part of a weekly/bi-weekly an occasional roundup of things that I read and found interesting. There won’t be a lot of comment from me, but hopefully you will find the links useful. Enjoy! Interesting stuff I came across this week: Twitter for Law Firms – “Law firms, unfortunately, are doing a lousy…
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Awesome Twitter Bio

Only a lawyer could write this 🙂 Love it!